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Inspirational quotes

?Nylea Mata Castilla Quotes?

? »Alone are you never. There is always wind, water, space and nature talking. Always is there mountains and landscapes, hearts and weather, and all activity you could appreciate. Love is allways there in every breath. » ~Nylea Mata Castilla?

? »Shut down the mind. Thoughts are wicked. » ~Nylea Mata Castilla?

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Meklit Hadero – inspiration

« …There is a kind of sonic lineage to which we all belong. So the next time you are seeking percussion inspiration, look no further than your tires, as they roll over the unusual grooves of the freeway, or the top-right burner of your stove and that strange way that it clicks as it is preparing to light. » ~Meklit Hadero (from ABC Classic FM)