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« Begging a courtesy is selling liberty. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« Consider the misfortunes of others, and you will be the better able to bear your own. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« Even to smile at the misfortunes of others is to do an injury. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« He blames Neptune unjustly who twice suffers shipwreck. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« He bristles with hair, like a sea-urchin or a hunted boar. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« He only does it to annoy you. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« Just staying one day ahead of yesterday. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« Let nothing offensive to the ear or the eye enter these thresholds, within which youth dwells. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« On with the dance, let joy be unconfined. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« Our fears vanish as the danger approaches. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« Passion and strife bow down the mind. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« Retirement without literary amusements is death itself, and a living tomb. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« She can change her mind like the wind: whatever she has said or done, is light to what she’ll say or do. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« Shows that we build, when we should but entomb us. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« The drunkard is convicted by his praises of wine. » ~Anon on Proverbs

“The finishing stroke of all sorrow.” ~Anon on Proverbs

« The only gain from the friendship of the great is a fine dinner. » ~Anon on Proverbs

« Want of pluck shows want of blood. » ~Anon on Proverbs

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