Aulus Persius Flaccus Quotes

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« But when to-morrow comes, yesterday’s morrow will have been already spent: and lo! a fresh morrow will be for ever making away with our years, each just beyond our grasp. » ~Persius (Cum lux altera venit, iam cras hesternum consumpsimus; ecce aliud cras egerit hos annos et semper paulum erit ultra.)

« Our life is our own to-day, to-morrow you will be dust, a shade, and a tale that is told. Live mindful of death; the hour flies. » ~Persius (Nostrum est quod vivis, cinis et manes et fabula fies. Vive memor leti, fugit hora.

« The man who wishes to bend me with his tale of woe must shed true tears – not tears that have been got ready overnight. » ~Persius (Nec nocte paratum, plorabit qui me volet incurvasse querella.)

“We consume our tomorrows fretting about our yesterdays.” ~Persius on Worry

PERSIUS, Roman Satirist

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