Becky Acebedo Kibble Quotes

“Step by step…year by year, we make our way through the days of our life, along high mountain ridges and through deep, dark valleys. Sometimes the path is sure, and other times rocky and treacherous. Yet always God’s children can press on – moving forward in confidence that when the trumpet sounds and the graves will break open, we will meet our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ face-to-face.” ~Becky Acebedo Kibble

“Death is not final, neither does it have the final say – our Redeemer does! The King of Glory is alive and waiting to share eternity with us one day soon.” ~Becky Acebedo Kibble

“Death must be so beautiful to have no yesterday and today, but tomorrow; to forget time, to forgive life and to be at peace.” ~Becky Acebedo Kibble

“When a total solar eclipse occurs, the light from the sun gets totally blocked by the moon. For these few minutes, day is turned to night. But when the eclipse ends, the sun resume its shining.” ~Becky Acebedo Kibble

“When tragedy and grief occur, most of us automatically question why God allows such horrible things to happen. Circumstances can create clouds of doubt that shroud us in darkness. In spite of these doubts, the light of God & His truth still shines brightly. No eclipse can completely hide Him.”

“Sometimes the sorrows of life can cause spiritual eclipse in our lives, turning everything upside down.” ~Becky Acebedo Kibble

PERSPECTIVE on Typhoon Yolanda

“So many people are hurting right now – facing seemingly impossible odds. They feel abandoned, helpless and hopeless. Our words feel inadequate, and nothing anyone can do seem to fix things – we feel inadequate in light of what happened to our country, the Philippines ravaged by the fiercest storm, rendering people homeless, hungry and heart broken…

It is at the critical time such as this that our faith is stretched. But if we persevere, God will create a new level of spiritual strength in us that will help us understand more of who He is and who we are in Him. Let us therefore consider asking Him to help us see our circumstances through His eyes, instead of defining Him through our circumstances.” ~Becky Acebedo Kibble (November 2013)