Bruce Villafuerte Rivera Quotes

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« I live in the Philippines not Metro Manila. » ~Bruce Villafuerte Rivera, GRPundit, November 30, 2016 GRPundit

« Ordinary citizens who cannot afford to control a media company, influence people, create powerful organizations or lobby to hate. But we can feel their pulse. They are no longer buying all the information you were once feeding them. » ~Bruce Villafuerte Rivera, November 30, 2016 GRPundit

« The rich do not feel the gains of this administration because to the bubble of Metro Manila, it is all discomfort. They will not feel the drop in criminality kasi walang snatcher sa Forbes Park. They will not feel efficient governance kasi may pumipila sa kanila para kumuha ng lisensya sa LTO. They will not feel the good effects of lowered corruption kasi kahit nung una, priority sila sa infrastructure. They will not notice how ordinary citizens feel special because they are now the ones who are taken in the same genus as ordinary citizens. » ~Bruce Villafuerte Rivera, November 30, 2016, GRPundit

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