Diana Morris Quotes

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« I think in our society we are taught to overlook our sadness and « put on a happy face ».

« God gave us all our emotions to help us mature and grow. » ~ Diana Morris

« Melancholy days were meant for contemplation and a resolve to try harder to get it right with our world and everyone we touch. » ~Diana Morris

« There can be no true joy unless one has tasted sadness and most of my heartfelt lessons in life came with a touch of sadness. » ~Diana Morris

« There is certain kind of sadness when we look at our lives and realize we didn’t appreciate the folks he sent us because we weren’t mature enough. » ~Diana Morris

« There is sadness when we remember days gone by when our children were small and needed us every single hour of every single day. » ~Diana Morris

Source: Butterflies and Pebbles on Sadness Thread

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