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« Coming out against a man who is attempting to crack down on drugs traffickers in this way is definitely a case of the pot calling a tiny teacup black – a diversionery tactic of the most blatant kind. Away from the global media perspective generated by News International and its followers, this must seem all the more blatant to many emerging nations. » ~Dilys Hadley on Philippine President RR Duterte, FB, 23 August 2016

« Frighteningly, Rodrigo Duterte has a valid point. ……. The main players in the UN have become too compromised to be seen as an effective force for good for the mass of less affluent nations like the Philippines. » ~Dilys Hadley

« The Nations at the top – the Security Council – are, in all other respects, the exploiters and aggressors and have no moral high ground on which to stand and lecture the other peoples on the planet. » ~Dilys Hadley

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