Douglas Gonser Quotes

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« If there are things in your life that don’t help you and your family to grow and be happy, and are holding back from being the way it should be, respect your family and yourself enough to remove those things from your daily path the best you can. Sometimes we even have to give up a part of ourself to survive. » ~Douglas Gonser

« Life is not meant to be easy. It is made up of happy times, sad times, rough times, and sometimes what seems to be unbearable times. We have to take every stage and learn from it. That’s what makes us strong and who we are. » ~Douglas Gonser

« Listen to the words a person speaks and don’t put extra thoughts or words into it. » ~Douglas Gonser

« Trials are in a sense a blessing, each one makes us wiser and stronger to face the next one. » ~Douglas Gonser

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