DPL Quotes

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« Conversion is not a matter of knowing God’s truth. It is a matter of acting on that knowledge in such a way that He is able to ‘write’ His laws on our hearts and minds. » – D.P.L.

« I have learned that trust is to be earned, not given. » ~DPL

« One sure way to stay out of debate is to not take the bait. If someone entices you to look at a point of view which requires you to step off the solid foundation of God’s clear instructions, that is bait. » ~DPL

« Pray for ears willing to hear, minds willing to understand and hearts willing to do whatever it takes. » ~DPL

« Some people live in a dream world of their own. Facts and reality are not allowed. Facts and reality are expected to obey their whims. » ~DPL

« We flee from the truth in vain. » ~DPL, FB

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