Dr. Andy Suan Gerong – Philogynist

“The Duterte critics call him misogynist. This is a totally careless use of the word. Duterte is NOT a MISOGYNIST. He has a huge respect for women, the respectable women in the midst. He treats respectable women gentlemanly, like Miriam Santiago, Honeylet, Gloria, the OFWs, many. A misogynist is one who hates women. DUTERTE LOVES WOMEN… He has the program of protection for women. If he sounds hating women, that is not hate. The women he is attacking are unfair to him, they malign his image and undermine his enormous undertakings… always on an offensive stance…. and when Duterte retorts with his unique style, they call it misogyny. WRONG! … Instead, MR. DUTERTE IS PHILOGYNIST. PHILOGYNY IS FONDNESS FOR WOMEN. One can see this in his speeches, programs, daily routines with FINE WOMEN OF DISTINCTION… Misogyny can not be applied to Duterte, because he does not hate women globally… He makes remarks only for those who unfairly attack him. When Duterte responds with a bitter pill of ugly remarks, the receivers become uglier and the issue become more beautiful.” ~Dr. Andy Suan Gerong, Psychologist (lifted from FB)