Dr. John Ortiz Teope Quotes

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« Another Lesson Learned: Pretending to be somebody is so difficult to do, coz at the end you’re scam can be easily discovered.But pretending to be nobody is so easy, for the reason that the silent and humble nobody might be the great somebody which is greatly powerful than anybody. » ~Dr. John Ortiz Teope, PhD,EdD,DM,DES

“I am an advocate Federalism and I like to see the Philippines under a federal system of government. But, the transition from a Unitary to a Federal form is not a walk by the park. There is a necessity to properly educate the Filipinos regarding its advantages and disadvantages. Coz, if it would not happen and people would just accept Federalism based on the bandwagon. One thing for sure there will be so many resistances on the time of its transition and operationalization.” ~Dr. John Ortiz Teope, PhD,EdD,DM,DES (National President, 1st Philippine Pro-Democracy Foundation)

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