Eulalio Diaz – heart

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« We live in a broken world. Many of us are nursing broken hearts, living half a life as our soul remains asleep. » ~Eulalio Diaz, CW-FB, 22 January 2012

« A broken heart is not about romantic love, though that opens a fissure within that can lead to a deeper realization. » ~Eulalio Diaz, CW-FB, 22 January 2012

« Our greatest strengths are experienced when we balance the energy of the mind (logical) and our heart (emotional and spiritual). The mind has it role; for it to function well it must be connected to the heart, that inner voice, our intuition. » ~Eulalio Diaz, CW-FB, 22 January 2012 

« Sometimes we build barriers around our heart to protect ourselves from more pain and hurt, but in doing so we cut ourselves from receiving love, the greatest medicine. Give the love you have been waiting for to others first, and, it will surely come back to you, multiplied. » ~Eulalio Diaz, CW-FB, 22 January 2012

« As we heal our heart and become whole again we become agents to heal the world. » ~Eulalio Diaz, CW-FB, 22 January 2012

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