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« If you look around in Nature, you will find that everything follows a precise rhythm influenced by the rotations of the sun, moon and the earth. » ~Farzana Shaker

« Sleeping and waking are part of natural cycle just like the changes in seasons, the rising and setting of sun, the lunar cycle, etc. » ~Farzana Shaker

« The human body is meant to observe a natural rhythm to function at its optimum. This natural cycle is known as our bod clock. » ~Farzana Shaker

« Before the invention of electricity, people used to sleep early as intended by nature. » ~Farzana Shaker

« Sleeping early strengthens our metabolism and hence our ability to sustain exertion. It reduces levels of stress and inflammation in the body, while bolstering memory and keeping us alerts as the memory consolidation process occurs during sleep. » ~Farzana Shaker

Source: Turning in to Nature, Indian Link, 2 January 2010

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