Gabby Ongauco Quotes

“Do not expect sincerity from cheap and coward souls. It is always great to deal with your honest enemy and worst critic, than to a chocolate coated bitter friend, as to those kind you can only see the truth and receive the respect you deserve.” ~Gabby Ongauco

“Everyone deserves a good life, serene being, be surrounded by people with good intention and to uncover the mystery of our own humanness, its beauty behind imperfections!” ~Gabby Ongauco

“If you are able to see into the eyes of another and see their pain and know their dreams… You know life at the level needed to bring the greatest of happiness and love to others and yourself.” ~Gabby Ongauco

“The road to betterment requires a brave soul and sincere heart.” ~Gabby Ongauco

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