Gary Seierstad – art of living

“A good conscience is a very soft pillow.” ~Gary Seierstad, 13 June 2011

“It is fun, excitement and poetry! It is love of today and bright hope of tomorrow! It is dancing, music and art! It is kisses, hot tea and abundant fish and rice” ~Gary Seierstad (to Sunny)

“Life is a gift! Gifts are great to give and get!` As such, I open the gift of each day’s life with big eyes and great anticipation, along with a prayer of thankfulness.” ~Gary Seierstad, Poet, Writer 12 April 2011

“Live, love, write, eat, sleep, sing, dream, touch.” ~Gary Seierstad

“Love speaks boldly in the silence of Spring. Listening is the beginning of renewed life.” ~Gary Seierstad

“No greater gift is there than that we share what we have and who we are, especially with those to whom we have a special fondness.” ~Gary Seierstad

 Botany Bay, 28 July 2011
“The art of living can be observed, and thereby taught” ~Gary Seierstad, 16 June 2011

“Some of the most wonderful poems ever written by mankind are hidden in books old and dusty and long forgotten.” ~Gary Seierstad (to Sunny)

“Spring is singing; all the trees have beautiful green new leaves and the flowering trees are covered with red, pink, white and purple blossoms!” ~Gary Seierstad

“The Garden of Harmonious Pleasures is where you can feel a triumph of landscape art where before your eyes tree, rock and water are combined like pigments on a canvas to create effects in your heart and poetry remarkably like the inspired imaginings of China’s great painters.” ~Gary Seierstad (to Sunny)

“You boil me with your most lovely presentations.” ~Gary Seierstad (to Sunny)