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« Someday, when great things has come to pass in the reshaping of a nation for so long shorn and shaven its full potential, allowing it at last to soar to heights it once thought elusive, we’ll all look back. The secret of starry nights is that it is magic in itself, a promise of spell binding beauty when darkness tries to swallow our part of the world. It is also when the most intimate and secret tendrils that curl through our minds become awash with the glow of starlight, some twining around the songs and tributes (or in this modern times, posts) that lifted our spirits. No wonder that the Greeks, on these warm and tender and diamond studded nights, named many constellations after their heroes. They didn’t forget the stars of course, immortalizing them with the characters worthy of the heroic standards of their days too. These twinkling lights deserve it, for theirs is the promise that after the dazzle of the sun flaming red then dying at the end of the day, the canvass of the night holds promise for a sight that is balm for soul. » ~George Daniel Anos, The 89th Constellation, 13 February 2017 via

« … someday when the era of the Eagle of the South comes to an end, ushering forth a new Philippines where ‘hope’, ‘change’, and ‘awakening’ falls easy from everyone’s lips, when the despair that has shackled the powerless and the disinherited vanishes, the heroes of that period will be inevitably immortalized as well. And when, as a part of the poem by Walter de La Mare goes:” silence surged softly backward when the plunging hoofs were gone,” these warriors, whose selfless and courageous dedication in the forefront of the battles that won the war, will earn their rightful place. Ever so brightly will they blaze in the grand pantheon of stars marking a nation’s historic turning point. From there, they will grace the night sky above an archipelago of seven thousand one hundred seven islands given a chance of rebirth, all because one man took it upon himself to spend his twilight years to, in borrowing from the words of Sir Mark Lopez, “with uncanny and unorthodox ways, unburden a nation.”

And that is why all of them will make up the brilliance of a constellation that will bear the name:

A tribute to the 13 Filipino FB Social Media bloggers lead by Thinking Pinoy on their historic visit to President RR Duterte in Malacanang Palace, his staunch supporters. (February 2017)
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