Gilbert ‘Gibo’ Teodoro, Jr. Quotes

“Life’s discomfort rises and falls like series of waves. They crest and roll and wash a part of you to make way for deposits of treasure that you really are and should be. Out goes naivete, in comes wisdom; out goes anger, in comes discernment; out goes despair, in comes kindness. Every struggle you go through creates opportunities for you to become stronger and wiser and better. Every pain that you learn to tolerate leaves you healthier than it found you. Struggle and pain shift your thinking from ‘I cannot’ to ‘I must’ and make you draw strength from within to see life beyond them. For it is doubtful whether God can bless you greatly until He has hurt you deeply. Trust that He is using what hurts you for a greater purpose.” ~Gilbert ‘Gibo’ Teodoro, Jr. (2017SEPTEMBER13/WEDNESDAY [ADMIN 10])


“You learn something from everyone who shows up in your life. Every lesson is a widening of the mind beyond its conceptual limits; a stretching of the heart beyond its emotional boundaries. Sometimes you’ll hear people say, ‘God brought us together,’ and indeed He does. He brings people into your life precisely when you need them. He brings them to you that you may open your heart and learn to listen and seek to understand. How easy it is to resent negative people. But even that is part of His mystery you have to live with. How you deal with those you find negative teaches lessons of acceptance and humility and empathy. For if He only brought you perfect people, how would you ever learn to evolve? How would you size up yourself?” ~Gilbert ‘Gibo’ Teodoro, Jr. (2017SEPTEMBER15/FRIDAY [ADMIN 10])

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