I Heard an Angel by William Blake

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I Heard an Angel
by William Blake

1 I heard an Angel singing
2 When the day was springing,
3 « Mercy, Pity, Peace
4 Is the world’s release. »

5 Thus he sung all day
6 Over the new mown hay,
7 Till the sun went down
8 And haycocks looked brown.

9 I heard a Devil curse
10 Over the heath and the furze,
11 « Mercy could be no more,
12 If there was nobody poor,

13 And pity no more could be,
14 If all were as happy as we. »
15 At his curse the sun went down,
16 And the heavens gave a frown.

17 Down pour’d the heavy rain
18 Over the new reap’d grain …
19 And Miseries’ increase
20 Is Mercy, Pity, Peace.

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