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« If your choice is down to two kind of politics: the promise of right rhetoric and a history of disappointment #30YearsAfterEDSA; and, the reality of wrong rhetoric and hope in a proof of concept in Davao City, which would you choose? » ~Joffre Balce, April 6, 2017

« In a city where there is growing homelessness, it is a scandal to have unoccupied units. Living in squalor raises proneness to exploitation by organised crime. » ~Joffre Balce, April 6, 2017

« Waging war vs. crime is no crime unless the criminals are in charge of the battlefield. » ~Joffre Balce

« Waging war vs. poverty is not a radical act unless it threatens to restore equality in rights. » ~Joffre Balce

« Working for social justice is never an offence except to those who gain from social injustice. » ~Joffre Balce

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