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« Life experience has taught me, we never get over things, if you go into a painful heart memory, it is still there, but life pushes us forward, like an ancient deep river, it still keeps flowing and moving with natural rhythms of life, don’t look to move on when you get over things, because it doesn’t happen, move on with the wisdom you earned from your pain, you may be dragging your feet, but keep moving forward, make a choice to own your amazing strength with pride, love and compassion, you have expanded your heart wisdom. » ~Judy Frenette

« No matter how bad things get, and sometimes they do get real bad, know that the sun will rise again and we can always make a new start, this time with all the knowledge of our experiences, work with the Universe by accepting what is, understand that challenges and heartaches are universal for all and not something that is faulty in you, create and practice the habit to give thanks for every single blessing in your life and feel the abundance and power of that prosperity of blessings. » ~Judy Frenette

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