Kerry Packer Quotes

“Editors have to be made to realise that if they allow some half-baked story to get into print, they may well be placing their entire organization in jeopardy.” ~Kerry Packer

“Press credibility is getting lower and lower. In fact it’s just about at rock bottom… it’s degenerated into a beat-up. The beat-up is what it’s all about. Any story they get, they’re looking to embellish so they can boast how they stuck it to someone.” ~Kerry Packer

“The idea of passing a law every time someone blinks is a nonsense… Every time you pass a law you take somebody’s privileges away from them.” ~Kerry Packer

“Unfortunately, many Australian’s want to pull down anyone who achieves. And journalists are no exception. They have become a law unto themselves.” ~Kerry Packer

“What I think politicians should be doing, if they had any guts, is to introduce a libel system which is punitive. If a journalist has the evidence to prove his allegations, then by all means, let them be printed. But if they’re wrong, then it should be costing their organizations millions, not tens or hundreds of thousands.” ~Kerry Packer

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