Leslie M. Browning Quotes

“Being connected to everything has disconnected us from ourselves and the preciousness of this present moment.” ~L.M. Browning, Vagabonds and Sundries

“Beware the God who seeks praise. Beware the guru who presumes to teach that which is unfixed and boundless. Beware the healer who sets a price on aid. Beware the lover who would make you a lesser version of yourself. Beware the doctrines that discourage independent thought. Beware any person of faith who doesn’t understand doubt. Filter all things through yourself. Accept only that which sits right with your soul.” ~L.M. Browning, Seasons of Contemplation: A Book of Midnight Meditations

“Do not hold a lazy faith. Miracles are not spontaneous events we must wait for helplessly. Miracles are an achievement—a breakthrough accomplished by those who pushed themselves beyond what was thought possible while holding a belief in a better life. Get up off your knees, and roll up your sleeves.” ~L.M. Browning

“Evil is not some otherworldly creation; humanity is its source and thus its end.” ~L.M. Browning, The Nameless Man

“Following a religion will bring us to the values at the center of that religion—values that can bring us closer to our better selves, or further away. Yet, if we wish to find the divine, each of us must make our own path to it. Following, not the blazed path of doctrine, but choosing instead to venture through the wilderness of the unknown guided by the signs we perceived while in that heady altered state that is belief.” ~L.M. Browning, The Nameless Man

“I burned by bridges so the devil couldn’t follow me.” ~L.M. Browning

“In the beginning we seek truth.
In the middle we seek reason.
In the end we seek peace.”
~Leslie M. Browning

“The cure for our modern maladies is dirt under the fingernails and the feel of thick grass between the toes. The cure for our listlessness is to be out within the invigorating wind. The cure for our uselessness is to take back up our stewardship; for it is not that there has been no work to be done, we simply have not been attending to it.” ~L.M. Browning, Ruminations at Twilight: Poetry Exploring the Sacred

“The divine is in the present and you must be present to experience it. When you vacate the present and recede into your mind, allowing worries or work to remove you from the moment, you leave the plain upon which the divine dwells.” ~L.M. Browning

“The hands can build a structure, but it is the heart that brings forth the meaning to fill it.” ~L. M. Browning, The Nameless Man

“The moments of silence are gone. We run from them into the rush of unimportant things, so filled is the quiet with the painful whispers of all that goes unspoken. Busy-ness is our drug of choice, numbing our minds just enough to keep us from dwelling on all that we fear we can’t change. A compilation of coping mechanisms, we have become our fatigue. Unwilling or unable to cut ourselves free of this modern machine we have built, we’re dragged in its wake all too quickly toward our end. The virtue of a society’s culture is reflected in the physical, mental, and emotional health of its people. The time has come to part ways with all that is toxic, and preserve our quality of life.” ~L.M. Browning, Seasons of Contemplation: A Book of Midnight Meditations (Goodreads)

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