Lucy Gichuhi Quotes

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“If we experiment with marriage this time around, what is next? How far is too far? What will society look like in four or five generations to come? » ~Lucy Gichuhi

“Let us avoid political and legal confusion. Likewise, we must also be careful about ideological invention and philosophical manipulation that cannot stand against the test of time.” ~Lucy Gichuhi

“Let us not remove or disturb the ancient stones our founding fathers laid. We are not just trying to fit in. We are trying to show the rest of the world how to preserve a country for generations to come by preserving the lowest civil unit – the family. There is a better way to negotiate than through intimidation and domination. » ~Lucy Gichuhi

“Society changes as it grows but it could lead to unintended consequences that could encroach into other aspects of society as we know it.” ~ Lucy Gichuhi, Family First senator On reasons why she is opposed to same-sex marriage, arguing that just because other countries have legalised it didn’t mean Australia should. (South Australia)

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