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« It was through my maternal aunt that I learned of our connection to the First Fleet. » ~Lynette F McDermott

« Many things happened on our journey that were almost inexplicable and at times we wondered what ‘supernatural’ forces were leading us. » ~ Lynette F McDermott

« Writing Garth has been a compulsion, a pleasure and a challenge. It has indeed been a labour of love. And it is true, whilst we speak of them… they live on. » ~Lynette F McDermott



« And Susannah thought, ‘when love comes from some unearthly place, when it comes from a place where forces unseen bring two people together, it has an unstoppable force, stronger than anything that can be seen or touched, stronger than our mortal shells, the kind of love that transcends matter and time, this is our love.' » ~Some Unearthly Place, 29 May 2016 (GARTH)

« In the days when his flesh had burned with pain, she had cared for him with such genuine devotion he had been moved by her and from this his love had grown. Now, each night when she gently massaged lotion into his back and sang with a voice so sweet he felt sure it came from God himself, he was full of adoration for her. He recognised the bond they now shared, a bond forged from the love and tenderness of a woman who would not be beaten down by circumstance. » ~Forged from love and tenderness, 22 May 2016 (GARTH)

“I knew that others had faced the noose for crimes less than this. I’d always heard talk of God and the hereafter. I don’t think I am scared of death. I didn’t think so at the time. I thought if I am to die and meet my God and if He is merciful He would not judge me harshly. If He was all knowing as they preached, then He we would know I only took what was fair. No, it was not death, it is not death I fear Ed, it is having this life taken from me.” ~It is not death I fear, May 18, 2016 (GARTH)

« Susannah marvelled at them, they were creatures of the sunlight. They wore skin as gold as honey and grew taller and stronger than would have been allowed by the fetid air and lack of food in London. They were blessed as any children could be. They frolicked in the open air, on a spot on the planet that tilted at just the right angle to the sun, delivering to them a temperate climate, free of the bitter cold of the place from where Susannah had come. There was so much joy in watching their happiness; in those moments, there was nothing that could bring her greater delight. » ~Creatures of the Sun, 15 May 2016 (Of Angels and Eagles)

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