Nanette Mathews Quotes

“Embrace the flow of your life path, living with grace and ease while showing love towards yourself and others along your journey.” ~Nanette Mathews

“Life is not a race….Everyone can win, so stop going around in circles.” ~Nanette Mathews

“Standing up for oneself is not always easy but it is often the only way to walk our true life path. The beaten path only gets you where most people go. Be original and explore new roads.” ~Nanette Mathews

“When we’re consciously aware, we receive the messages the universe sends to answer us through intuition that could be easily missed if we weren’t living in the moment. These messages will guide us to our true path.” ~Nanette Mathews

“When you realize your life isn’t heading in the direction you wish, rather than wasting time complaining about the situation, just focus on the direction you wish to proceed with determination.” ~Nanette Mathews

“You can ask others for directions about your life’s path…But remember, then you’re on someone else’s journey and may get lost. Search for your path within.” ~Nanette Mathews

Source: Goodreads

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