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« I am honored and humbled in dedicating my life as part of the (incoming) Rodrigo R. Duterte Administration to make change a liberating reality and in shaping a brighter future for our country and people. » ~Perfecto Yasay, 18 June 2016

« In pursuing an independent foreign policy it is our duty to uphold the Constitution that mandates the renunciation of war as an instrument of national policy, adherence to the generally accepted principles of international law, peace, equality, justice, freedom and amity with all nations. » ~Perfecto Yasay, 18 June 2016

« Let us not be bound by outside standards, concerns or objectives in pursuing the paramount national interest within the context of our democracy, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, even as we respect every country’s right to self determination in accordance with their national interests. » ~Perfecto Yasay, 18 June 2016

« We must protect the fundamental right of the people not to be deprived of life, liberty and property without due process. In our commitment to defend their sanctity as God’s most wondrous creation, we must be firm in swiftly dismantling and eliminating by every possible means under the rule of law, the harsh conditions and structures that breed inequality and suffering in derogation of their dignity as human beings. » ~Perfecto Yasay, 18 June 2016


Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Philippines

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