Quotes From Civil Relations Service AFP PHILIPPINES

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“The sacrifices of our Marines as an individual, and their gallantry as a fighting unit will never be forgotten.” ~Colonel Edgard A. Arevalo PN(M), Chief, Public Affairs Office AFP

« They gave their tomorrow for our today » ~from the famous Kohima Epitaph (Civil Relations Service AFP)

« We practically have everything as a soldier what we need literally is just a ‘tap on the back’. » -MGen Ronnie S Evangelista, Commander of Civil Relations Service AFP, 28 June 2017

“We walk a lonely road. One of valor. One of sacrifices. You pay our salaries with taxes but we repay it with our lives.” ~Filipino Soldier


« Ang isang sundalo , habang nasusugatan, lalong tumatapang. » ~Col. Edgard A. Arevalo (PN)M, Chief, Public Affairs Office, AFP

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