Quotes From Darkblue Skye

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« A true relationship is not about age, religion, distance, nor about communicating with each other everyday. It’s all about a silent promise made to each other to stay together forever. And the most important is trust and loyalty. »

« Being in a relationship is not about kissing, dating or showing off. It’s all about being with the person who makes you happy without any efforts. »

« Every woman has her own story. Every woman has her own personal struggle. Every woman has her own journey. It’s not always a good one, and it’s not always a bad one. » ~Darkblue Skye

« I believe true beauty comes from the heart. »

« I make up a thousand excuses just to run into you by chance. »

« Love a man who can sense your sadness in your smile, hear your voice in your silence and feel your love in your anger. » ~DBS

« Love the one who loves you. Respect the one who deserves it. Value those who take care of you. And forget those who don’t deserve you! »

« Relationship gets stronger when both are willing to understand mistakes and forgive each other. »

« True love is better than first love. »

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