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« It is my opinion that you must first understand what led us to the decision to vote for President Duterte. We are tired – tired of the same kind of politicians. Tired of the same promises. Tired of the slow processes in government departments. Tired of the slow response of the government to problems that affect the ordinary people. Tired of corruption. Tired of rampant drug abuse and other heinous crimes committed by drug addicts. Tired of drug pushers and drug lords walking the streets while they destroy our country…. We have given a lot of chances to politicians who are more concerned with their public image than acting on the country’s problems, but now, we’ve had enough. This is why we chose a leader who is not like the other politicians, a leader who shows his capability through actions, and a leader who understands the needs of the common people because he is also a commoner. » ~Mocha Uson Blog on President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, FB, 15 November 2016
« While it is a must that we unite in order to achieve a better future, we must first learn that we are all equals, our opinions are equally important, and that belittling the ordinary people is not a part of the privileges given to the elites. Do not use your social status to put common people down, use it to help in bringing them up. » ~Mocha Uson Blog, FB, 15 November 2016

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