Quotes from Mountain Wisdom

“Children are flowers that bloom in your heart everyday. And I love mine more than words could ever say.” ~MW

“Feeling lost and depressed, unsure of what will become of you, then turn to the word of God, open your heart to it and before you are through, you will find the message of love and comfort, placed there by God for you.” ~Mountain Wisdom

“Grandma said a small house filled with love is better than a large house where there is none. A cookie shared with a friend is better than two eaten alone. A broken down sofa filled with family and friends is better than an empty throne.” ~Mountain Wisdom

“Hold the hands tightly of those you love today, laugh with them, cry with them, share with them, speak of your love for them freely, as the day will come when they are but a memory and those things that you did and did not do will either comfort or forever haunt you.” ~Mountain Wisdom

“I am not afraid. Storms have come before and they will come again. I do not face them alone. He who calmed the seas with “peace be still” is always with me. What is torn down, he can pick back up, what is shattered he can make whole, what is taken, he can return. The winds will cease and the clouds will part and all will be as my God has said it will be. The storms of Earth mean nothing, as my God and his Angels are standing with me.” ~Mountain Wisdom

“I cannot see the face of God, but my heart knows that he is here with me.” ~Mountain wisdom

“I found the fountain of youth: grandchildren. While they may not make me look any younger, they do awaken the child in me and despite what time may do to my body, thanks to my grandchildren my heart leaps, my soul rejoices and I am so very happy.” ~Mountain Wisdom

“I praise God now for each calm and beautiful day I see, as I have learned that they are not all that way.” ~Mountain Wisdom

“I will continue to open my heart to others as the reward of love is worth more to me than the risk of pain could ever be.” ~Mountain Wisdom

“If the love in my heart for my children was a cloud, it would fill the sky.” ~Mountain Wisdom

“If you have ever heard a hymn being sung and it reminded you of one you heard when you were young, someone raised you right.” ~Mountain Wisdom

“My best friend is always waiting for me to get home. Happy when I get there, sad when I leave. I love my four-legged Angel more than most could ever believe.” ~Mountain Wisdom

“No matter the shape it is in, the road to grandma’s house is always the best road there is.”

“The only thing better than having a son that you love with all your heart, is the joy of watching him grow into the kind of man that you prayed he would be.” ~Mountain Wisdom

“When your days come to an end,
It will not matter the car you owned,
or the money you had to spend.
Only the love and time that you shared
with your family and friends,
will mean anything at all to you or to them
when the last day of your life comes to an end.” ~Mountain wisdom

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