Quotes From The Healing Room

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« Come meet me in the night sky – under the brightest star. I’ll be waiting for you. » ~Fiona

« Don’t allow other people’s noise ruin your inner peace. » ~Fiona, The Healing Room

« I’ve come to realise that love doesn’t always last forever – no matter how much you want it to.
That you cannot love enough for two people and by trying you will be crushed. That trust can be betrayed – and often by the one person you never dreamt could be capable.
That true love can lead to grief and loss. That hearts are shattered as often as they are cherished.
And I’ve also realised that the longest, toughest and most harrowing day is still only 24 hours long.
That even though I might cry through the darkness of the night, the sun still rises in the morning, bringing with it a new day full of purpose and potential.
That love can cause devastation and tears, but that there will be friends nearby to wipe them away.
That support comes from all directions and in the most unexpected and unlikeliest places – especially when you’re on the right path.
And I’ve finally realised that it’s okay not to know what to do next. Not to know what I want, and to be comfortable in that confusion and pain.
And the very best realisation of all is that there isn’t a single answer for every question – and that it can evolve and change and transform with me.  » F. Dunphy, The Healing Room

« It’s impossible to be angry and to laugh at the same time. The emotions we feel are based on the choices we make. We can choose to feel sad, angry, resentful or we can choose to be happy, joyful, forgiving. It’s not always easy to choose the latter – sometimes it’s so tough you have to keep focusing on your decision every single minute. And that’s ok too. Remember that what you focus on is what grows – so choose laughter, choose joy, choose love. » ~Fiona

« Keep your head up, your shoulders back and look the world in the eye. Miracles are all around you if you take the time to look. » ~Fiona, The Healing Room

« Oh Beautiful Soul, for you to feel this sad, you must have once felt so very happy. Know that you will be happy again. It will be wondrous, it will be beautiful, and it will be real. » ~Fiona Dunphy

« One of the hardest lessons I’ve ever learnt in my life is to simply ignore most of what people say…. I now watch what they do instead. » ~Fiona, The Healing Room

 » Time won’t make you forget your pain – but it will help you to understand it and help you to grow from it.  » ~Fiona, The Healing Room

« People who are truly beautiful are always filled with beauty on the inside, which spills over to the outside. » ~Fiona (The Healing Room)

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