Quotes on PATH, ROAD and WAY

“A balanced life will lead you to a path which will take you to the peak of success.” ~Anon

“Be gentle and loving with each being for they are in your path to help you remember your light.” ~Rodger Briley

“Change takes time…be patient….new paths in the wilderness require we walk them again and again before they are fully formed.” ~Eileen Dielesen….the ‘Woman with a Dream’

“Changing your life often begins with the inner work. It can be a tender process of stripping away the beliefs and dreams that no longer resonate for you. It is not an easy path, but it is worth it. Because one day soon you will be standing on the shore of a brighter tomorrow. One that feels like home and is big enough to hold all of you.” ~Illuminating Souls

“One can rarely achieve greatness on the path of less resistance.” ~Wes Fesler

“When he stepped off the straight and narrow path of his peculiar honesty, it was with an inward assertion of unflinching resolve to fall back again into the monotonous but safe stride of virtue as soon as his little excursion into the wayside quagmires had produced the desired effect.” ~Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)



“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.” ~Henry Ward Beecher

“A walk down an old country road is the perfect place to learn that true inner peace comes not by thinking about what you want, but by thanking God for what you already have.” ~Mountain Wisdom

“At any time, you can decide to change the road you’re on in life, take a new direction, follow a new trail. You are the only one who really knows what you want from life and if you’re on the right road for you.” ~Anon

“Bring awareness to each act. Walking on the road, walk fully alert; eating, eat with awareness. Whatsoever you are doing, don’t let the past and the future interfere. Be in the present; that’s what awareness is all about.” ~Osho



“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.” ~Rumi

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