RG San Luis Quotes

Leadership, Human Rights and Cause and Effect

“The prevalence of corruption is also a human rights violation because it deprives the average citizen of the obligation that government is supposed to provide him which is basic services. If we protect the rights of the criminals in the minority, what will happen to the victims who are in the majority? Should we expect to live in fear because the criminal is still entitled to due process? What contributes to the proliferation of criminality? Drug use is one. Poverty is another. Isn’t poverty an offshoot of corruption? There is always cause and effect. The denial of the existence of extreme measures needed to curb criminality and the drug menace smacks of hypocrisy. The Yellowtards and the Church scream justice and human rights violations but they always fail to proffer solutions. Which would you prefer to have in the society and the communities you live in is the operative question. Peace and order or rampant criminality?” ~RG San Luis

“What the public needs to realize is leadership requires tough decisions to be made for the greater good and not for what is generally acceptable as in observance of human rights.” ~RG San Luis

Source: FB, February 22, 2017 as shared

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