Roy Nichols Aguilar Quotes

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« A narcostate is a country where politicians amass wealth by engaging in the fantastically lucrative drug trade in order to buy themselves into power during elections thereby enabling themselves to amass still more wealth by using the power they have bought. Whenever they are caught and brought to court for their illegal activities they simply buy their freedom by using a part of the wealth they have amassed. The Philippines was heading for that state of affairs until a VERY STRONG LEADER in the person of our President came along to rescue our country and put an end to all that nonsense! » ~Roy Nichols Aguilar, 19 July 2016

« WHY THE PEOPLE SAY OUR PRESIDENT IS THE BEST EVER, It’s only now that our country has been blessed with a President who has BOTH the welfare of the country at heart and the drive, the wisdom, the courage, the strength of character, the political will to forge ahead and grab the bull by the horns to solve the country’s problems. Some presidents in the past had the welfare of the country at heart but not the drive, etc. While others had the latter (the drive, etc) but sad to say not the welfare of the country but the welfare of their own pockets at heart. » ~Roy Nicholas Aguilar on PRRD 2017

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