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Disclaimer: I found this on Facebook garnering favourable LIKES and attracting reviews or comments, allowing different levels of human perceptions on this specific subject called NATURE. If the « eyes is your honest window », then the brain must be the faithful door where understanding enters and flows. Opinions differ, so it’s common knowledge that each individual edges splinter. While reading through the comments, I was intrigued by the norms of varying reactions and interpretations that compel me to include this here as a special feature, thus, breaking my usual format. I only selected few Interactors to substantiate my interest on the matter. This may be an unauthorize post, but I source this from a public domain which I assume will not jeopardise my right to repost. Authors are quoted and respective names affixed.

« Nothing in nature lives for itself;
Rivers don’t drink their own water,
Trees don’t eat their own fruit,
The sun doesn’t shine for itself,
A flower’s fragrance is not for itself.

Living for each other is the Rule of Nature. »
~Collective Wisdom 2013
Source: Cosmic Intelligence-Agency FB



« Each thing in nature is to do its own thing. And when it does, it gives life to the rest of nature, creating a perfect ecosystem for us to live. But man in his greed changes these things in the name of progress. The earth is crying because we do not let each thing in naturre do its job. Therefore, we have failed to conceive the truth of a world going awry. » ~Joan Meeker (Edited)

« Living for each others is the rule of nature and the wisdom of God. » ~Mohamed Naaima

« Nature lives on various levels. The entire tree as a system strives to self-actualize through fruition. Rivers journey to self-actualize by finding the ocean, etc. And yes, they also live for themselves through decomposition and meandering. That’s how they self-sustain and preserve. On a different level, they live so that the entire eco-system is balanced by their presence, and thus they also live for others. There is no difference between self and other.. We are all one. When we live for others we live for ourselves and when we live for ourselves, we also live for others. The difference is imaginary. » ~Shereen Mohd Idris

« True Nature shows a ‘live and let live’ phenomenon. Not for self but for others. » ~Mohamed Lamin Kamara-Kolleh


« Musicians can play for themselves, but if they have a sincere listening ear to grace with their beauty, then magic happens, the music flows with a greater heart… It is like the two poles of a battery needs to be active and linked so the electric current of inspiration flows naturally, with the full power of life. » ~Astraelia Vega


« It would be wonderful if human kind lived life as nature does. » ~Nana Foster

« The only really destructive force on earth is mankind. » ~Muriel Cheyne

« … Nature is the first Bible as Genesis and Romans 1:20 reveals! Nature is in perfect Harmony with God! It does not have a mind of its own to get in the way! Is that why Jesus said we must Die and be reborn of His Spirit instead of ours? His mind instead of ours? » ~Ronnie Richardson

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