SPECIAL FEATURE : Poetry by Dr. Abe D. Alonto

Blog Author’s Note:

It’s that time again to break the mould of my blog format that is given only to Quotations. I decided to pave way in featuring POETRY in honour of my former countrymate, let alone a townmate, where I used to spend my childhood and juvenile years in Southern Philippines. I am glad to cross path with Dr. Abe D. Alonto via FB through friends. Dr. Alonto earned a highest degree in PhD CE, who by privilege belongs to an illustrious and high profile family in our province. So that’s how I knew him long ago. Reading through my brief writings posted at FB, I encountered a new mentor who openly inspires me and noted my potential in Essay and Poetry writing. He sees my life, my experiences through my writings. He wanted me to go further. You think FB is just a social media for fun until something wonderful like a miracle happens. The Angel intervenes… so it looks like my journey will continue in another level. My deep and sincere gratitude to you Dr. Abe D. Alonto. Here’s your own inspiring thoughts translated into poetry.


Dare not exchange
what sorrows that persists in your heart
to what joys you perceive felt by a crowd.

Make no mistake in choosing a life
where there’s not a single tear ever felt
roll down your cheek
for how can you get united with those
who live near or along
a boulevard of broken dreams,
or with those broken heart if not
a single tear stays in your life.

Make no mistake to lead a life
where there is not a single smile
that stays, for don’t ever forget,
a smile radiates hope, more meaningful
to those who border hopelessness
but unyielding,
just as a smile brings joy and happiness —
for enjoyment is the incredible energizer
to the human spirit.

By Dr Abe D Alonto
QC Philippines
March 9, 2015