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Definition: (noun) Something that bears an analogy to something else. Synonyms: parallel. Usage: Surimi is marketed as an analogue of crabmeat. Discuss


noun: A left-handed person. adjective: Left-handed.


Definition: (adjective) Easily bent; supple. Synonyms: lithe, supple, slender. Usage: There was a grace, which no austerity could diminish, about every movement of her lissome, …


noun: 1. Someone who likes to suck their thumb. 2. A journalistic piece that deals with the background and interpretation of events instead of hard …


Definition: (adjective) Causing distress or worry or anxiety. Synonyms: distressful, disturbing, worrisome. Usage: The kindergarten teacher found her student's erratic behavior to be perturbing, and …


adjective: 1. Prone to or skilled at stealing. 2. Having nimble fingers or having a light touch.


Definition: (verb) To increase, enlarge, or intensify. Synonyms: intensify, step up. Usage: Tensions escalated as the politicians refused to compromise. Discuss


adjective: 1. Generous; liberal. 2. Delivered with an open hand, as a blow.


noun: 1. A household. 2. A member of a household. 3. A servant. 4. A dependent.


Definition: (adjective) Characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement; nimble. Synonyms: nimble, spry, quick. Usage: She moved quickly and was agile as a gymnast. …


Definition: (verb) To shrink back in fear; cower. Synonyms: cringe, flinch, recoil, wince. Usage: The little boy quailed at the teacher's angry voice. Discuss


Definition: (noun) The distance around something; the circumference. Synonyms: circumference, perimeter. Usage: It was an enormous tree, its girth twice as great as what a …


adjective: 1. Polysyllabic. 2. Relating to or using long words. 3. Long-winded.


Definition: (noun) A person who withdraws from the world to live in seclusion and often in solitude. Synonyms: solitudinarian, troglodyte, hermit, solitary. Usage: He was …


adjective: Hard to understand; obscure.


Definition: (adjective) Having or showing penetrating mental discernment; clear-sighted. Synonyms: sagacious, sapient. Usage: She was much too perspicacious to be taken in by such a …


adjective: Having stress on the third-from-the-last syllable. noun: Such a word.


Definition: (adjective) A light purplish blue. Synonyms: cerulean, lazuline, sapphire, sky-blue. Usage: The large silver kite gleamed against the azure expanse of sky. Discuss


verb tr.: To convert into a verb.


Definition: (noun) Obscene language or literature, especially that dealing pruriently or humorously with excrement and excretory functions. Synonyms: vulgarism, obscenity. Usage: She hated to encounter …


Definition: (verb) To impose (oneself or one's ideas) on others with undue insistence or without invitation. Synonyms: push out, thrust out. Usage: He never hesitated …


Definition: (noun) Sudden impairment of neurological function, especially that resulting from a cerebral hemorrhage. Synonyms: stroke, cerebrovascular accident. Usage: The medical evidence showed conclusively that …


adjective: 1. Made up of parts that are very different. 2. Fanciful; imaginative; illusory.


Definition: (adjective) Of very poor quality; unequivocally detestable. Synonyms: hateful, odious, deplorable. Usage: The meal they were served was execrable from beginning to end, but …


noun: One who caters to the base desires, whims, or prejudices of others.

magnum opus

Definition: (noun) A great work, especially a literary or artistic masterpiece. Synonyms: masterpiece. Usage: <i>Paradise Lost</i> is generally considered to be Milton's magnum opus. Discuss


adjective: Relating to or caused by the wind.


Definition: (verb) To drive off or scatter in different directions. Synonyms: dissipate, spread, dispel. Usage: When it seemed that a riot was about to start, …


noun: One who can easily change appearance, form, character, principles, etc.


adjective: 1. Melodious. 2. Enchanting. 3. In the manner of Orpheus’s journey to the underworld.


Definition: (noun) A social outcast. Synonyms: castaway, leper, untouchable. Usage: The rumors of his traitorous actions were enough to make him a pariah among his …


Definition: (adjective) Scorching; burning. Synonyms: fervent, fiery, ardent, burning. Usage: The torrid noonday sun shone down on the travelers in the desert. Discuss


Definition: (noun) The quality of appearing to be true or real. Synonyms: vraisemblance. Usage: While recounting the preposterous tale, he threw in a few convincing …


adjective: Fashionable or stylish.


Definition: (adjective) Shining radiantly; resplendent. Synonyms: effulgent, radiant, beaming. Usage: Standing by the edge of the sea, they witnessed a refulgent sunset. Discuss


Definition: (noun) A device, such as a formula or rhyme, used as an aid in remembering. Synonyms: aide-memoire. Usage: The students came up with a …


noun: 1. A spare wheel or a spare tire. 2. Something or someone treated as a backup.