The law of gravity and gravity itself did not exist before Isaac Newton."…and what that means is that that law of gravity exists nowhere except in people’s heads! It ‘s a ghost!"Mind has no matter or energy but they cant escape its predominance over everyhting they do. Logic exist in the mind. numbers exist only in the mind. Idont get upset when scientists say that ghosts exist in the mind. its that only that gets me. science is nly in your mind too, it s just that that dosent make it bad. or ghosts either."Laws of nature are human inventions, like ghosts. Law of logic, of mathematics are also human inventions, like ghosts."…we see what we see because these ghosts show it to us, ghosts of Moses and Christ and the Buddha, and Plato, and Descartes, and Rousseau and Jefferson and Lincoln, on and on and on. Isac Newton is a very good ghost. One of the best. Your common sence is nothing more than the voices of thousands and thousands of these gjosts from the past.

Author: Robert M. Pirsig
Theme: Intelligence, Science, Nature
Words: mean, human, mind, head, past, law, voice, number, common