Thought for Today – Belief Power

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« If you are ready to alter some of the current outcomes in your life then you will need to start with your beliefs. There are many categories. First there are ‘fatal beliefs’ – « I can’t, I’m not able, I never will. » These are the beliefs we have about ourselves, that set the boundaries and limitations of ourselves. Then there are ‘blocker beliefs’ – « My kid is stupid…my boss is an idiot…did you see that crazy person? » These are beliefs about others and, for however long they last, they block the flow of energy in a relationship. They are bricks in the walls we build between each other. Then there are ‘survival beliefs’ – « Get what you can while you can….there is not enough to go around…you have to look after number one. » These beliefs would have us live in fear and anxiety, otherwise known as insecurity. We can choose our beliefs. But first we may have to unchoose the ones that have crept in over the years, now living comfortably ‘below stairs’ and seem to be part of our inner furniture. If you want different outcomes in your life, change your beliefs first. Clean up down stairs!! » ~Thought for Today-UK

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