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« A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet. » ~Will Rogers »The way to get out of problems is to go through them. » ~Will Rogers

« Eternity will never be boring. » ~Dave Owens

« Find those people who can turn your weaknesses into strengths. » ~Chris Fuller

« God gave mankind marriage, not for us to be happy–but to make us holy! » ~Garrret Lear (Ephesians 5:25)

« The eyes of faith are more reliable than the eyes of sight. » ~Andree Seu

« There are no shortcuts to places worth going. » ~Beverly Sills, opera singer

? »Truth is not dependent on our beliefs, but our beliefs should be dependent on the truth. » ~Mac Lynn

« Truth will ultimately prevail where there be pains to bring it to light. » ~George Washington

« We have lots of churches without much teaching…We have to go back to the basics: family, church, education…For many men the trinity is women, alcohol, sports. » (Eddie Felton, in the interview of him in WORLD Magazine)

Why was everyone in Biblical times so poor?Because there was only one Job!(Thanks, The Hebraic Roots Teaching Institute!)

John wheeler« For every strength there is a weakness, and for every weakness there is a strength. » – The Personality Page (John Wheeler)

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