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« Gough came in with a view, I don’t know how long I’m going to be on the stage, I really have to make a difference as quickly as I can. I don’t think people understood the broader economic implications of some of those decisions and I think Hawke and Keating actually learnt from it, and governed more effectively because of what they learnt, I think our Parliament is a very important institution. I would hope that many more people of Gough Whitlam’s talent would see it as a role that they should fulfil. I’m not sure there are many Gough Whitlams in the Parliament today. » ~Philip Ruddock (is the only serving MP who was in Parliament during the Whitlam years. He praised what he described as very significant changes made by Mr Whitlam in the way Australia accepts its foreign and domestic responsibilities, but he told ABC News 24 they did come at a political cost.)by Clayton Bloom 4:41 PM

« Gough Whitlam was prime minister for only 1071 days – less time than Julia Gillard – but he nevertheless managed to sign off on a number of significant reforms, including universal healthcare, free university education, Indigenous land rights and no-fault divorce. » ~by Clayton Bloom 6:01 PM

« The affection and respect for Gough Whitlam was on display when he once turned up to the Sydney Symphony free concert in the Domain during one Sydney Festival. Seeing him and Margaret approaching, hundreds of people stood up and applauded this great Australian. He was held in affection and warmth in the heart of many who benefited from the changes to this country that he brought about. Not least in the Arts. » ~Audience comment by J Gross

Source: ABC NEWS, 21 October 2014

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