Vadim Gluzman Quotes

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« As a teen, a chance encounter with Isaac Stern set the Isreali violinist on the road to greatness. » ~Vadim Gluzman

“Personally, musically, artistically, you name it: there was a different attitude to everything. What excited me most was that I was my own man, able to make my own decisions. Freedom is a God given gift that was taken away from us in the Soviet Union, so arriving in a place (Jerusalem) where democracy existed was like realising that I had never breathed before. Until I was 16, I wasn’t allowed to breathe and I wasn’t even aware that I wasn’t breathing. Then suddenly I was given access to this oxygen, this freedom, and it changed my whole perspective.” ~Ukrainian-born Israeli violinist Vadim Gluzman, (Vadim Gluzman: walking his own path by Maxim Boon, June 9, 2016

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