Quotes and Verses on DEATH and GRIEF

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« After my brother, David Dill took his life to suicide in January of 2000, I once felt overwhelmed with unbearable grief. I thought a part of my heart died the day he did. Perhaps it has, but through working through my grief, I found a way out of the darkness of desolate pain of a broken heart. There is a light inside of you, no matter what pain you are experiencing. The light may appear so dark at times but it is there. The light that will give you strength to survive your journey. People move through grief, it is unavoidable. We empower ourself when we reach out and share our pain with other’s who understand the unique loss of someone by suicide. » ~Tina from FB (sister of David Dill who took his life to suicide)

« Give me liberty or give me death. » ~Patrick Henry

« Whether you are suffering with personal struggles with depression, or you are in grief over the loss of a loved one’s suicide, my message to you is your are NOT ALONE. » ~Tina from FB (sister of David Dill who took his life to suicide)

« Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow. » ~Anon

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« Gone from our sight,
But never our memories –
Gone from our touch,
But never our hearts. »


« There is always a corner
A place set aside
For the timeline of our lives.
Somewhere that we all walk by
But strangers stop
And time just helps to grow
A place where life stands still
Yet moves constantly forward
And dust inevitably always settles. »
Births, Deaths And In-between

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