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Photographic Inspiration based from Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition

« It often seems that even the most basic of human experiences need to be branded in order to seem important and valid. » ~Dave Mercer

« Inspiration comes from the shape of an egg that implies human life goes through the stages of being born, growing up, and passing away. » ~Zhang Yangen

« The choreography of everyday events contains a hidden rhythm. This gestural interpretation dissects the arc and sweep of a common occurrence along the Bondi shore. » ~Ruth Downes and Geoff Webster

« The reflective interior skin of the ‘mirador’ observatory juxtaposes images of self with views of the environment, highlighting the complex relationship between man and nature. » ~Rachel Couper and Ivana Kuzmanovska

« We who have a place to return to are fortunate. Aiming to have excellent relations with landscape, sculpture and people. » ~Hiroaki Nakayama, FB-Australia Page

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